The FFS Film (tubular or flat) is delivered on rolls, and is suitable for high-speed automatic filling lines.

Features & Benefits:

* Tubular FFS Film

* The FFS Film tube is fed into the filling machine, the bag is base-sealed and cut, formed and filled, and then top-sealed.

* Number of film layers: 3.

* Film thickness: 30-250 micron. Embossing on both sides (width: 8 cm).

* Roll diameter: 120 cm max. Roll weight: 300 kg max. Core diameter: 76 mm – 150 mm (6″).

* Printing: 8 colours (8+0 or 4+4) max. Printing ink: Solvent-based.

* For palletised goods, the modern FFS system offers cost-saving through high output in automatic filling. It is a flexible system with high print quality.