Lip n’ Tape Bags, commonly known also as ‘Peel & Seal Bags’, are re-sealable bags which feature a lip with an adhesive strip that is peeled off and folded over the top of the bag to seal it. These bags are easy to use and are a quick way of giving a product a clean and finished look.

Our Polyethylene Lip n’ Tape Bags come with a suffocation warning which is a common Amazon requirement for packaging and selling your goods in their store. These high-clarity bags are used for both retail applications where visual impact of the product is important, and for food applications where they are used for various purposes from display counters to freezers.

Some of the uses we have seen our customers put our Lip n’ Tape Bags to, include packing: photographs, t-shirts, magazines, cookies, incense, candy, baseball cards, dress shirts, pillows, throws and blankets. We can also custom-make these bags for you, and even print on them.

Please contact us if you would like to know if Lip n’ Tape Bags are appropriate for your applications / products, or if you would like to request a sample.