UHT Milk Film:

Optimal for all-round packaging of milk — from pasteurizing at ultra-high temperature (UHT) to the moment of delivery.

These aseptic packages with multiple layers ensure utmost safety, quality and characteristics retention of the milk.

NPF offers a wide range of UHT Milk Films — EVOH polymer-based plastic packaging films with 9, 7 and 5 layers, and in a range of thicknesses. Their co-extruded high barrier features enable complete protection of milk. They are made in best-in-class machines, and the high-quality resins that go into them render extreme durability and optimal content safety (UHT milk, flavoured cream milks, ice creams, etc).

Features & Benefits:

*Excellent mechanical properties — abrasion and puncture-resistance, seal durability, high temperature deflection, endurance during transportation, leak-proof structure, etc.

* Multiple-layer structure and optimal oxygen transmission rates extend packed shelf life up to 30 – 120 days.

* Air-seal property enables non-refrigerated storage, transportation & distribution of the milk.

* High filling rate — enables ample quantities of product inside the packaging.

* Various packaging sizes — 100, 160, 200,250,450, 500 and 1000 ml.

* Thin and light-weight — ideal for vertical form fill & seal (VFFS) applications.

* Available in a range of colours and textures — high aesthetic appeal.

* Maximum protection, durability and high cost-effectiveness.